Crescent Moon Gifts

Sometimes, under the moon, it's only you that matters


 **denotes skin safe scent 

Almond Cherry - Sweet and nutty!**

Apple Butter Caramel - This sweet scent is a combination of apples, caremel and maple sugar!**

Apple Tango - Sweet apple, mango and  island flowers blended for a wonderful scent!** 

Bacon - Need we say more?

Banana Bread - Right out of the oven

Basil Sage Mint - A refreshing blast of green herbal notes.  Very Clean!**

Bear Claw - A yummy mixture of warm pastry, cinnamon sugar, almonds and raisins!**

Bite Me - Citrus notes of lime & orange mixed with sweet berries and vanilla!**

Blackberry Sage- A wonderful blend of garden herbs and berries!*

Butt Naked -  A fun, fruity blend of bananas and berries!**

Butter Rum All Spice - Warm vanilla, buttered rum & sensual sandalwood are combined with accents of allspice in this comforting scent!**

Calm Waters  -  Cool Water by Davidoff™ type.  A refreshing spicy fragrance with lavender and amber blended with jasmine, musk, oakmoss and sandalwood.**

Caramel Walnut - Warm, sweet caramel mixed with rich walnuts and vanilla**. 

Citrus Splash  -  A fruit concoction of grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat, strawberries and apple.**

Clean Laundry - Just like sheets brought in from the clothes line!

Cranberry Bog & Citrus - Our own blend of of tart cranberries and citrus!

Creme Brulee - Rich vanilla topped with caramelized sugar!

Cucumber Melon  -  A perfect blend of cucumber and melon!**

Dogwood - A delightful floral fragance!**

Drakkar Type - A sharp, spicy blend of lavender & amber mixed with sandalwood!** 

Eucalyptus Spearmint -In this blend, the fresh essence of pure Australian Eucalyptus oil (valued for its soothing and refreshing effects) works in synergy with American Spearmint (renowned for its clarifying powers) and other comforting essential oils, making it perfect for relaxation. **

Ginger Appletini- Fresh and bright fruity floral with apples and pineapple mixed with spicy ginger!**

Grandma's Kitchen - A delicious, "homey" scent with touches of clove, cinnamon & vanilla.

Green Tea Blend - A bright combination of raspberries, pineapple, necterines and lemon mixed with green tea!**

Frost Bite - A cool refreshing blast of wintergreen that will chill you to your toes!**

Hot Apple Pie  -  Just like Mom use to bake!  Warm apples, spices and pie crust scent.

Jack Frost  -  A refreshing mint and vanilla blend!**

Lavender - A strong, true herbal lavender!**

Lemon Pucker  -  A true tart, zingy lemon that will make your lips pucker!**

Lick Me All Over - A soft romantic blend of blooming jasmine, raspberry and vetiver!** 

Love Spell™ - A perfect smell-alike to Victoria Secret's Love Spell™.  A blend of cherry blossum, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach with hints of tamarind & blondewood!**

Man - Our very own blend!  Evergreen mixed with a spicy blend of amber & lavender! Think 'Tall, Dark & Handsome'!**

Mistletoe - An evergreen mix with  winter spice!**

Oak Moss - A deep, earthy, woodsy essence with floral undertones!**

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey  -  Very natural blend that is heavy on the oatmeal with the right touch of sweet honey!**

Patchouli - Classic!  A deep earthy, musky scent.

Peppercorn - Wonderfully masculine in a dark, spicy sort of way, however, it doesn't smell like black pepper!  Think tall, dark and handsome! **

Pink Sugar Type - The smells of childhood~~berries, sweets and vanilla!**  

Pumpkin Cheesecake - Sweet, creamy pumpkin with nutmeg blended with rich, yummy cheesecake!**

Purely Herbal  -  Just like the Herbal Essence shampoo - Fresh, clean and invigorating!**

Sandalwood Vanilla - Sultry & romantic!  An awesome blend of earthy sandalwood and sweet vanilla with musky, amber nuances!**

Turkish Mocha - If you love coffee, than you will not be disappointed with this rich blend of coffee, milk & nutmeg!**

Twigs & Berries - Woodsy notes mingle with succulent red berries for a real rustic aroma!**

Violets & Birch -  A very  nice blend of  fern, white birch, violet, clove and orchid mixed with cedar leaf, musk & amber.**

Wildberry Tea  -  A perfect blend of berries-strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry infused with herbs like hibiscus, rosehips and chicory!**